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Enhance your Gmail experience with VoiceType, a Chrome extension that effortlessly transcribes your thoughts into emails. Speak freely and compose or reply with ease.

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What is VoiceType?

VoiceType is an innovative AI assistant designed to effortlessly compose your emails. This remarkable Chrome browser extension seamlessly integrates with Gmail, automatically appearing when you click on Compose or Reply. By simply activating the microphone and verbally expressing your thoughts, VoiceType swiftly generates the entire email for you.


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Pros VS Cons

VoiceType offers efficient and natural verbal email composition, increases productivity, and is helpful for mobility impairments and verbal communicators, with wide application and collaborative usage.
VoiceType is dependent on voice quality, may misinterpret context and struggle with colloquialisms, has narrative consistency issues, and is not suitable for confidential communications, with limited application mainly focused on emails and reliance on voice recognition accuracy.

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Feedback From Users

This is invaluable because of my dyslexia. It allows me to quickly write PERFECT emails without having to worry about my writing abilities. I'm now able to email people who previously I only contacted via phone or voice messages. This opened a completley new world to me.

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