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Discover Uberduck, the ultimate voice-over audio tool with 5,000+ expressive voices, custom clones, APIs for audio apps, AI-generated raps, and personalized media creation. Join the Uberbots waitlist now!

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What is Uberduck?

Uberduck is a remarkable platform that enables users to effortlessly create superior AI vocals for their music production needs. With its cutting-edge technology, this platform not only provides incredibly realistic voices but also empowers users to craft their own personalized voices, resulting in an unparalleled musical experience.



Pros VS Cons

Uberduck offers a wide range of expressive voices, APIs for audio apps, and customizable voice clones, with a supportive community and upcoming features like the Uberbots platform, making it a versatile platform for content creators.
However, Uberduck lacks voice customization options, multi-language support, business-user-friendly features, offline capabilities, data privacy policy clarity, and has limited API tooling, which may pose challenges for certain users.

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Uberduck Use Cases

Create music with AI vocals

Generate lyrics with AI or write your own

Choose a voice for your music

Download your rap song as audio or video

Try Uberduck's rap generator

Get millions of views across social media

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Sample songs available

Participate in the Grimes AI challenge

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