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Boost email productivity with BestRegards AI - a Chrome extension using AI to craft personalized and professional messages based on context, tone, and interest.

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What is BestRegards AI?

BestRegards is a Chrome extension that offers AI-powered assistance to users by enabling them to effortlessly create customized and polished email and message replies.



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BestRegards AI FQA

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  • How does BestRegards work?icon plus
  • Can I use BestRegards with any email service?icon plus
  • Is it necessary to have programming skills to use BestRegards?icon plus
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BestRegards AI Use Cases

Save hours of writing each week just using the Chrome extension.

Give it just a few words and it will try to generate a complete message accordingly.

Answer in whatever language your interlocutor is writing. All main languages supported by default.

Access the pop-up from any website in a few clicks and generate any kind of reply adding the starting message.

Try it out for free, or choose a plan that fits your needs.

BestRegards is a Chrome extension that uses AI to help users generate personalized and professional email and message responses with just a few clicks.

BestRegards analyzes the context of the message you are responding to and generates a response based on your selected tone and interest level.

Yes, BestRegards can be used with any email service by copy-pasting the email you want to respond to into the extension window. It is more powerful when used with Gmail, as it can detect the context of the email automatically.

No, you do not need any programming skills to use BestRegards. The extension is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for those with no technical experience.

BestRegards uses AI technology to understand the context of the message and generate a unique response. It will not generate the exact same response for similar messages.

Yes, after the initial response is generated, you can review and edit it before sending to ensure it accurately conveys your intended message.

Yes, even if the best results are given in English, it will detect the language of the original message and will generate a message using the same.

No, BestRegards does not store any of your emails/messages. The extension simply analyzes the content and generates a response based on your selected settings.

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