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Findly: AI-powered chatbot for effortless data access. Get accurate insights in minutes, no SQL or Python expertise needed. Integrates with Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, and Amazon Redshift for maximum privacy and security. Boost team productivity with fast query management and seamless onboarding.

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What is Findly?

Findly is an AI-powered Natural Language Generation (NLG) tool that seamlessly integrates with Slack. It offers a range of features including database queries, data visualization, and report generation. Acting as a chatbot for internal business metrics, Findly facilitates effortless communication with data, empowering teams to extract valuable insights.



Pros VS Cons

Findly is an easy-to-use chatbot that generates actionable data insights, simplifies the onboarding process, and reduces time to insight, eliminating the reliance on data professionals and saving software engineering time.
However, it lacks APIs integration, is limited to SQL databases and Slack, and does not support Python interpretation, potentially resulting in long chatbot response times and user-specific data interpretation issues.

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Findly FQA

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Findly Use Cases

Discover hidden trends, optimize operations

Your own in-house data radiologist

A concierge for your data needs

Simpllify data exploration with AI-assisted SQL

Instant AI-driven insights for informed decision-making

Generate tailored reports effortlessly with AI

Empower your team with our Slack integration

Ask your company database right from ChatGPT

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