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Secure ChatGPT Email Writer for Gmail

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Enhance Gmail privacy with Secure ChatGPT Email Writer. Get the power of OpenAI without compromising on data security. Control your data with your own API key.

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What is Secure ChatGPT Email Writer for Gmail?

EmoGPT is an advanced chatbot email writer exclusively built for Gmail. It leverages the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT to generate customized email responses, follow-ups, and outreach templates. With EmoGPT, users can significantly reduce the time and energy spent on crafting emails. Its exceptional personalization and efficiency make it an invaluable tool for efficient email communication.


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Secure ChatGPT Email Writer for Gmail FQA

  • How can I install the Secure ChatGPT Email Writer for Gmail?icon plus
  • Can I use my ChatGPT account or an API key with EmoGPT?icon plus
  • What personalization preferences can I enter?icon plus
  • Where can I find the EmoGPT toolbar button in Gmail?icon plus
  • How do I generate a new email with EmoGPT?icon plus

Secure ChatGPT Email Writer for Gmail Use Cases

Spend 85% less time writing emails.

EmoGPT is designed for Gmail and powered directly by your OpenAI (ChatGPT) account, ensuring that your data is kept private and secure

Trusted and loved by many users worldwide

Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store

Choose whether you want to use your ChatGPT account or an API key

Enter personalization preferences (optional)

The smiling emoji button will appear in the toolbar of your email window in Gmail. Click on it to open EmoGPT

Choose the desired configuration for your email in the new window

Click the “Compose” button to generate a new email

How will my data be protected?

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