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Experience the power of Ghost AI, the revolutionary Productivity Email App merging ChatGPT and Gmail API. Discover automation tools, split screens, and shortcuts. Try it now!

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What is Ghost AI?

GhostAI is an innovative personal AI-powered email assistant designed to enhance email writing and management efficiency. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, GhostAI comprehends your unique writing style and drafts emails on your behalf. This intelligent assistant allows you to concentrate on your primary tasks while it handles your email correspondence effectively.



Pros VS Cons

Ghost AI offers automated email productivity, a first-ever GPT productivity email all-in-one solution with a mass send feature, split screens capability, keyboard shortcuts, prioritized data security, minimal data access, industry-standard encryption, and is free to download, providing a single platform for email tasks suitable for individuals and organizations.
Ghost AI is limited to Gmail users only, lacks a mobile app and multi-account management, does not integrate with Outlook, lacks advanced filtering options and task management, has no calendar integration, is unavailable for Linux, and does not support offline work mode.

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Ghost AI FQA

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Ghost AI Use Cases

Create a todo list or project outline

Write or find an email

Find news on HN

Play focus music

Command your software

Data security and privacy

Accessing minimum amount of information

No selling or sharing of user data

Storing information securely

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