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Transform written content into lifelike audio with Leelo-ai's advanced AI technology. Choose from 800+ voices in 142 languages for natural-sounding speech.

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What is Leelo-ai?

Leelo is an innovative AI-driven solution that transforms text into superior audio, catering specifically to the needs of businesses.



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Leelo-ai Use Cases

Transform written text into engaging speech for presentations, promotional videos, and audiobooks.

Organize and manage audio files with ease.

Export audio for use in other platforms.

Store audio files in the cloud with Leelo AI.

Share audio as podcasts and expand your reach.

Integrate the Leelo AI Articles Reader widget on your website.

Unlock a world of diversity with over 800 distinct voices across 142 languages.

Inject feelings into text for compelling speech instantly.

Elevate your audio content with AI voices designed to express genuine human emotions.

Create video ads with engaging and persuasive voiceovers.

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