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Experience the power of Mentat, the open-source coding assistant powered by GPT-4. Effortlessly communicate your coding needs from the command line and witness as it creates code directly in your source files. Streamline your workflow like never before with Mentat.

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What is Mentat?

Mentat is an innovative open-source coding assistant that leverages the capabilities of GPT-4 to simplify code writing. By using Mentat, you can conveniently express your coding requirements directly through the command line. Experience the convenience of having code generated directly in your existing or new source files without the need for tedious copying and pasting between your IDE and a separate browser window with a ChatGPT plugin. Discover how Mentat revolutionizes your coding workflow for a seamless experience.



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Mentat Use Cases

Mentat is an AI-powered coding assistant that can write code for you. It leverages GPT-4 and can create code directly in existing or new source files.

Mentat can be used to debug and fix code across various source files.

Mentat can help developers learn and start coding in a new codebase faster.

Mentat can generate 'first draft' source code for new projects.

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