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Boost website engagement effortlessly with WebBotify's Chatgpt-powered chatbot. Set up and integrate in minutes for increased visitor engagement. Try it free today!

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What is WebBotify?

Discover how you can significantly enhance visitor engagement on your website in less than 5 minutes with a Chatgpt-powered chatbot. With just 3 simple clicks, you can effortlessly set up and integrate this user-friendly chatbot, resulting in increased visitor interactions. Experience the benefits firsthand by trying it out completely free of charge today.


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Pros VS Cons

WebBotify offers a comprehensive set of features including 24/7 query resolution, quick setup, customization options, analytics, and affordable pricing, making it suitable for all website sizes and improving user engagement and productivity.
However, WebBotify has limitations such as no native language support, limited chatbot customization, lack of advanced analytics, paid full data history, and possible lack of integrations and multi-bot management.

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WebBotify Use Cases

If you own an ecommerce store, then check this out

Integrate Webbotify with any popular platforms just by copy pasting single line of code, no skills required

Resolve visitors queries, in multiple languages, Instantly

Know, what your customers are asking for. Right-away

Turn visitors into potential leads, Effortlessly

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