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Unlock the power of user feedback with Essense AI. Make data-driven decisions, analyze reviews in minutes, and stay ahead of the competition. Try it now!

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What is Essense AI?

Essense is a cutting-edge AI-driven tool designed to provide users with instant product insights. By meticulously analyzing user feedback from popular platforms like Appstore, Playstore, Trustpilot, and others, Essense empowers individuals to gain valuable insights within seconds.


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Essense AI FQA

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Essense AI Use Cases

AI-Powered Customer & Competitor Analysis

Focus your product roadmap on top customer needs

Know what features to prioritize based on customer feedback and competitor analysis

Improve customer adoption by understanding top customer pain points and feature requests

Understand how your product compares to the competition

Make better marketing decisions by analyzing customer & prospect feedback

Understand what your customers love or hate about your product and brand

Analyze competitors to gain a positioning advantage and identify untapped market segments

Analyze brand sentiment from customer reviews & social media activity

Produce insightful customer or competitor intelligence reports in minutes

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