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Stand out from competition and attract top talent with Seeqle's efficient job offer creation. Track and measure recruitment campaigns, engage with ideal candidates, and promote job postings for maximum visibility. Streamline onboarding and track progress effortlessly.

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What is Seeqle?

Seeqle offers a powerful solution for companies looking to enhance their recruitment process. With our feature, companies can effortlessly create job offers that are unique and appealing, giving them a competitive edge in attracting highly qualified candidates. Moreover, our platform provides comprehensive tracking and measurement tools, allowing companies to closely monitor their recruitment campaigns and assess key performance metrics such as application rate and interview rate.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, Seeqle assists companies in identifying and engaging with the most suitable candidates. Through our platform, companies can easily discover ideal candidates and target them on various platforms including social media, job boards, and other networks. Additionally, our "featured job" feature enables companies to effectively promote their job postings on popular job boards and social media platforms, expanding their visibility and reach even further.

To streamline the onboarding process, Seeqle offers automated onboarding and onboarding tracking features. This allows companies to efficiently onboard new hires and keep track of their progress during the onboarding phase. With Seeqle, companies can optimize their recruitment efforts, find the best candidates, and seamlessly onboard them for a successful and efficient hiring process.


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Seeqle Use Cases

Générez automatiquement une offre d'emploi attractive et personnalisée grâce à l'Intelligence artificielle, afin d'attirer les meilleurs candidats

Présentation d'entreprise

Mise en avant de la culture d'entreprise

Missions du poste

Profil recherché


Obtenez des offres d’emploi attrayantes et personnalisées

Adaptée à différents types de postes et niveaux d’expérience

Génération d'intérêt, réception des candidats pertinents

Détection des bons candidats sur l'ensemble du web

Diffusion des opportunités sous forme de publicités attractives

Boostez votre marque employeur

Révolutionnez votre processus de recrutement avec Seeqle

Technologie d'Acquisition Candidat propulsée par IA

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