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Boost your email productivity with Lavender's suite of tools. Write personalized emails, improve response rates, and coach your team with Email AI.

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What is Lavender?

Lavender is an exceptional AI Sales Email Coach that efficiently assists sellers worldwide in composing emails more effectively and efficiently. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Lavender offers real-time guidance and enhances email performance, resulting in higher positive reply rates.



Pros VS Cons

Lavender improves sales email productivity, provides quick email improvement suggestions, and has high positive reply rates, making it a user-friendly and efficient tool for sales teams.
However, it has limitations such as supporting only English, excessive use of cookies, no offline functionality, limited integrations, and potential privacy issues, which may restrict its usability and customization options.

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Lavender Use Cases

Lavender is the #1 AI Sales Email Coach. It assists you in real-time. Get more positive replies and write better emails faster.

Cold email framework: Learn how to write better cold emails with Lavender's framework.

How to personalize: Lavender provides tips and strategies on how to personalize your cold emails.

Using case studies: Learn how to use case studies in your cold emails to increase engagement.

How to segment: Lavender offers guidance on how to effectively segment your cold email lists.

Install Lavender: Easily install Lavender AI Sales Email Coach.

What is Lavender? Get an introduction to Lavender and its features.

View a walkthrough: Watch a video walkthrough of Lavender's features and capabilities.

Testimonials: Hear from satisfied Lavender users and their success stories.

Login to Lavender: Access your Lavender account and view your dashboard.

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